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Fixtures for Increased Fireplace Efficiency


Fireplaces may be lovely pieces to furnish a home but they are not always effective when it comes to heating it. Open-masonry fireplaces, for example, have an average efficiency of 15 percent depending on their operation and type. Fortunately, there are various fixtures that can be added on a fireplace in order to improve its efficiency.


This fixture should be closed every time the fireplace is not being used. It serves to keep the hot air from escaping the chimney and prevent “negative efficiency” which happens when warm air escapes through the chimney.

Heat Shields/Glass or Metal Doors

These are available from My Warm Fireplace and are placed in front of the fireplace and serves to limit the amount of warm air that escapes when the fireplace is not being used. Doors are specifically most useful when you are burning down for the night while the damper should be left open in order to vent the smoke.

Glass doors, on the other hand, should be left open when the fireplace is being used since the warmth produced by the latter is in the form of radiant heat. When radiant heat is trapped behind a glass, it will deflect it back into the fireplace and therefore reduce the room’s heat output.

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Tesla Ventures to Tap the Chinese Market

Following Tesla’s success on its second quarter report is an electric vehicle news from the company stating its decision to expand its market to China. The manufacturer formally announced that it is now set to venture to the country and will open a showroom in Beijing. This decision seemed to be the perfect choice with its sales increasing and China’s air quality worsening.

The question is, will this Tesla news end up well even if the country they are planning to tap seems to be more interested in manufacturing electric cars rather than buying them?

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Tesla believes the venture will be a success since China seems quick to adopt brands that bring buyer prestige. Electric car news about the company said that Tesla hired a former Bentley China executive to be its general manager to help boost its appeal to the local market.

Others, however, have a different opinion to the company’s venture. The Wall Street Journal, for example, reported that despite electric vehicles subsidies, only 11,375 electric cars were sold last year in the country—a very small number for a place where the total sales for automobile reaches 19.3 million.

Whether it will end in success or not, professionals believe that the move will benefit both sides. Tesla can definitely use the added sale power they can reap from China while the country can benefit by dealing with lower carbon emissions.


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